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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

If there is one thing we all do, it’s to look into a mirror. Whether it’s to brush our teeth, fix our hair or straighten a tie, the act of looking in the mirror is something we are all accustomed to. You might have a conversation with yourself in the mirror, you may practice a presentation, a speech or even your favorite karaoke tune. We find mirrors at the gym, in the yoga studio – all providing an instant opportunity for feedback and course correction in the moment. Walking down the street you catch a reflection of yourself in the glass of a shop front and you can’t help but look at the person staring back at you. Let’s not forget the invention of the selfie – another opportunity to look at ourselves before capturing the moment. And sometimes we don’t want the mirror to see us, as it might just share something we don’t want to face…perhaps the morning after a night out, or when we are not looking or feeling our best self.

While these glances in a mirror provide fleeting reflections, how often do we really stop, pause, and take time to truly reflect – reflecting not only on what you see on the outside, but also deep within, reflecting on how you think, feel and behave.

In our rapid and complex lives as human beings and as business leaders, it is becoming more and more necessary to master the skill of intentional reflection.

If you stood in front of a mirror or inside a Mirrorbox long enough, what questions would you ask yourself?

Imagine not looking at just one mirror, but what would you see, hear, notice, or feel if you were seeing many different perspectives of yourself? Imagine what could be possible if you were to truly reflect inwards in order to better reflect outwards and impact those around you, those you lead, your customers, clients, friends, or family more positively?

If you stood in front of a mirror or inside a Mirrorbox long enough, what questions would you ask yourself? What would you want to explore about yourself? What feedback do you want to receive and understand from those around you? What would you want to do differently? What might you want to amplify?

As leaders, you set the tone for your organization, and your people look to you for direction. To grow as an organization, to create effective and positive team cultures, what’s the personal growth journey you need to embark on?

Personal growth can only come from intentional reflection being part of the process. Reflection requires commitment. A commitment of time. Only then can you experiment with what comes next.

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